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Written Destiny is a space to share your ideas, opinions, and stories with the world. The very reason it is named 'Written Destiny' is to give you hope that a strong-will can change destinies.

I know... you cannot literally write destiny. It is a metaphor!


But this is a safe space, and your content's integrity is both valued and respected. It is a medium that will inspire young writers to have a voice and bring about a change through words.

Having said this, I believe that you will lead this journey with me and make this world a loving place to be in.

So, would you like to tell me your story? Because I would love to hear it all...

I am glad that you are here!

Hello! I am Sushmita Masurkar and welcome to my blog. I am an aspiring writer who is carving her way through life. I would love to have you along on this journey, and I hope you would enjoy reading about mine.


A few things that you should know about me is that I have a Masters Degree in Information Technology, and I am a girl who is pursuing her dream career of becoming a Writer. Currently, I work as a professional content writer at a digital marketing firm in India. 


Everything written by me on this blog is quite personal. This is my journey as an individual that I am and a writer that I am becoming/want to be. I want to touch lives with my words, and I plan to do so with kindness and love.


And I again hope that you would love to accompany me in this walk of life!

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