• Sushmita Masurkar

I Am...

Written By: Uzma Shaikh

I am a feeling

I am a voice

I am a person with poise

I am a girl from within

I am a woman to be rejoiced

I am the nuisance

I am the quiet

I just know I’m right

I’m black and white

And sometimes gray

I am everything I need to be

Don’t you send pity my way

I am the spark to your fire

The lord to your squire

I am a revelation to behold

A story untold

I am the prophecy you need to hear

I am an ocean for your tears

I am the courage to your valiant soul

I am the wicked devil

Ready to pounce and roar

I am ME

So let me be!

I can and I will set you free

‘Cause it’s me, it’s me

I am me!

© 2020 by Written Destiny