• Sushmita Masurkar

A Tale of ‘They Don’t Know That We Know They Know…’

Is there a victory for the thousand souls

who suffocate their feelings;

living a life our society could approve.

And if I sit you down, care to explain

would you take me seriously then?

I just want to be a voice, resonating the ones

failing to express how they feel?

To tell you a tale loud and clear,

shattering your whispers like a falling chandelier.

They are not the ones to be feeling guilty or ashamed,

for they are never the ones who call others names.

They know for a fact that it’s hard for you to accept.

But if the law did, is it wrong for them to expect?

If you – the society, can for once bend your rules;

welcome a new world, a world with less cultural fools.

So, here’s hoping that you will understand, it’s not their cry for help but a genuine stand.

And even if you tried turning a blind eye or excluding them,

they are one of us, and they will always exist in this realm.

© 2020 by Written Destiny