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Premam (2015) - An Ode

Written By: Sweta Bhanushali

As I sit to write this inside the dark room of my house, with ‘Unfinished Hope’ from Premam playing in the background on my earphones, I am trying my best to stop the tears eager to stream down my face. I can’t help but think about the time when I first got introduced to this film. It was a simple recommendation and the movie buff that I am (read ‘everything mallu buff’), I had to watch this film asap.

On 29th May, this gem of a film completed five years. As I watched Premam again yesterday, I went through a fresh wave of emotions that I had never felt when I saw the film for the first time. These emotions I had to put to paper. And here they are.  

Little did I know, that Premam will change the very definition of love that I had ever known. 

"No, love is not when you find a partner who has the same likes or dislikes as you. No, love is not when you find a partner who is good looking or has a settled life"

No. Love is not materialistic. 

Love has multiple meanings in Premam. It is friendship, respect, determination and finally acceptance. It is about trying to be a good person no matter how many times life snatches away that one person you gave your heart to. It is about not closing up your heart but opening it up every time you think you’ve found the one. (Yes, you will have multiple trysts till you find ‘the one’.) 

The definition of love in this film, Premam, is many things, one of which is about letting go. Your heart could be shattered to pieces and you might have to let him/her walk away. This is not a sign of weakness, but acceptance. This coming of age film taught me that no matter how many times your heart is broken, there is hope. However, you cannot force things to happen your way. You have to let them flow. 

All that you can do is whatever time you get with that one person, you live it to the fullest. You don’t let petty issues come in the way. You understand each other and devour this thing called ‘Love’.

Life may happen and you may drift apart, but that’s how life is.

If only, if only in today’s world we would find love as pure as the one in this film. And no. It is not unrealistic unlike what you see in movies. Because that is what movies are right? A parallel universe? But not Premam. This movie can pull you right into the reality of things and yet make you feel as if you are floating above and see things happening.  It is very much possible that such a love can happen in real life only if we as humans were more compassionate.  

It is about going ahead. It is about being one with the flow of life. 

I might be naive to fully understand or even experience the mammoth emotions and meanings of love in this film. But, I do know one thing. Love can come to us in different forms. It is upto us to keep an open eye and accept it for what it is. 

Peace (and love? Yes, that too). 🙂

(None of the actors in the film wear makeup. None whatsoever. Unlike what we see on screen. Ahem. Bollywood. Cough. KJo. Ahem. Glamour. Cough. Ok bye. )

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