• Sushmita Masurkar

Song: La Vie En Rose

How I Met Your Mother - Season 9 Episode 16

As I walk around my house,

quarantine day - lost count

I sway to the tune; my heart hums

La Vie En Rose

“Hold me close and hold me fast

This magic spell you cast...”

The song plays in the background.

I smile as I sway,

remembering what love feels like again.

“When you kiss me, heaven sighs

And though I close my eyes...”

The song continues

And I couldn’t help but miss you.

I stop for a moment,

“When you press me to your heart

And in a world apart

A world where roses bloom...”

The song goes on.

Turning my frown upside down;

I remember what love feels like again.

Dancing away this madness, this lockdown

Your voice in my head

“And when you speak

Angels sing from above...”

The song continues

I smile,

“Everyday words

Seems to turn into love songs...”

It’s as if I could hear you.

Lost in the moment;

in this timeless rhythm

“Give your heart and soul to me...”

I continue swaying.

“And life will always be

La vie en rose.”

The song ends.

Reminding me of

what it feels to be in love again.

© 2020 by Written Destiny